Our Process


Upon arrival, and if fitted, tyres, weights & valves are carefully removed.


Alloy wheels are individually quality assessed for damage & old coatings / oxidisation is removed.


Hot chemical cleaning, drying, alloy dressing & surface preparatino is conducted, prior to a final visual quality inspection. 


Once approved, process de-gassing & pre-heating is conducted, in order to ensure a clean surface prior to coating. 


Powder coating primer is then applied, uniquely formulated to ensure excellent physical & visual properties.
After primer application, all wheels are conveyed through a high temperature curing oven, at a fixed time & temperature.


After wet colour application, original equiptment quality powder coating alloy wheel acrylic is applied
All wheels are manually quality checked prior to further application of an OE approved water-based colours.


Alloy wheels are cured in a specially designed oven ensuring that glass-like clarity is achieved & a satin or matt lacquered option can be applied.


Alloy wheels are then quality checked, rebuilt with valves & tyres, laser balanced & proudly returned to our clients.